About Me and my creations

Hi there! I’m Gerene and i'm the owner and artist of ByGerene Designs. I make handcrafted jewelry and welcome any request to customize items in my store.I’m excited to share with you my upcoming work that I will feature and release as collections.

I'm Originally from Eastern Canada but moved to the "Mid-South" 5 years ago. I'm now known as the french Canadian with a slight twang!

I love jewelry and am addicted to gemstones. I spend most of my time in my studio because it's where I'm surrounded by these sparkling beauties all day! But the real thrill comes from finding them good homes. Knowing someone out there wears my jewelry is the most gratifying experience.

I focus on creating pieces that are timeless. Something you'd still want to wear in 5 years time.

I truly hope you'll take the time to visit my shop and find my work speaks to a your personal style.